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portland-web-designYour website is quite literally your virtual real estate. This is your ‘store front’ to the rest of the world. And as such, it needs to reflect the kind of business image you would be proud of when held up to scrutiny. Suffice it to say that your business needs a website. That is a foregone conclusion. Any business without a professionally done website is missing out on a great chunk of it’s potential market niche by staying in the dark ages. That is why Lithium Marketing has formulated a system that goes to satisfy both parties; we give you the much needed chance to run your business and we make that process much easier by creating a respectable website.

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Now, there are many businesses that may wonder why they need to have a website at all, let alone a professionally designed one. The truth of the matter is, in these technologically advanced times, more and more people are using the internet to find out about almost everything. From review sites, to social media platforms – the world is talking and billions of people are listening to one another on what to buy and where to buy it. If you do not have a web presence at all, then you are missing out on all this chatter that does lead to billions of dollars in sales each year across the globe. Son in essence, having a professional and effective web presence is one of the most strategic marketing moves any business can make.

This Portland web design company understands that there are some websites that can be considered ‘DIY’ sites (Do It Yourself). What you need to understand is that this does not translate to a business website. Small to medium sized businesses and large corporate websites need to be professionally done. And here is why:

The Benefits of Having a Professionally Done Website

Strategy Development

Having a professional website is essentially having one of the most powerful marketing tools in the market today. As is to be expected, with such a powerful tool, comes the need to wield it properly. The need to wield it in such a way that it does the most good for whoever owns it. This is something that a professional web design company understands. Besides creating a beautiful website, they also incorporate a marketing strategy that is in line with your business model and focus. Depending on what your eventual goal is, be it to take your company online or to simply tap into the great global market, a professional web design agency will work hand in hand with you to make sure that this is achievable. They lay the foundation that your business can grow on.

Search Engine Optimization

A website needs more than just outstanding looks to make it visible in the world wide web. It needs expert search engine optimization (SEO). Professional design companies know this more than anyone. A website that does not rank highly on search engines is virtually non-existent. We will work hand in hand with you to get the right kind of content that is not only effective but sharable; we will pay attention to your web analytics to show you the right way to further improve your ranking and we will ensure that the search engines find your sites suitable for recommendation. This is all in an attempt to drive targeted traffic, which in turn drives up/improves your chances of making sales.

Competitive Edge

In this fast-paced business world, you need to stay ahead of the curve to have a respectable bottom line and to stay relevant and useful to your clients. One of the best ways to do this is to keep up with the trends and to even come up with new innovative ways to meet your clients’ need. By being in touch with technological advances and employing this knowledge to your website, not only do you position yourself as a front runner in your niche, but you also make it very easy for your clients to trust you as the authority in your field. Stronger trust means more loyal clients and more sales. It also means that you have a ready and eager audience for any of your product launches; all because you have a terrific web design company backing you up.

It is more than just having a ‘pretty’ custom web design. You need to make this website work for you. This is the kind support that great a Portland web design agency offers their clients.  Fill out our contact form on the right or give us a call today to see what we can do for your business online.

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