One of my kids’ favorite dinner table conversations is playing a little quiz game we call “would you rather?”

Basically as you can imagine we take turns asking the hypothetical question, “would you rather…” followed by your choice of 2 oftentimes disturbing options.

Our three year old is most entertaining as he asks “would you rather fall off a cliff and die, or fall out of an airplane and die” completely straight faced and serious… Not a lot of great options there.

Well, sadly that’s often times the situation when you’re faced with making decisions to grow your business. Would you rather… post an ad in the newspaper, place a radio ad, be in the yellow pages, rent out a billboard, send out a mailer… Basically the same options restated with a slight twist.

Ultimately you’re doing the same old thing and expecting different results then you got last time.

Well it’s time to change that crazy behavior and start looking at marketing your business in a different light. How about this…

Ignore the length of that horribly formed sentenced and focus on the meaning. Which marketing plan is going to give you a better conversion rate of closing prospects… cold previously uninterested prospects, or hot prospects that are looking for your service and are happy that they found you?

It’s an easy question for an obvious reason. You want your marketing dollars spent on positioning your business as the solution to your customer’s needs.

Make it stupid easy for them to stumble on to you when they’re needing exactly what you have.

Let me show you how your business can be poised and positioned like a tripwire that catches every prospect that is wandering in the dark looking for exactly what you provide.

Isn’t it time that you start putting the pressure on your competitors and taking the lead over them instead of the other way around? Let’s partner up together and get your business on top and in the lead.