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We start every marketing plan by learning about your business’s unique need.


We will give you a custom plan that addresses your company’s unique
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With Lithium as your marketing team you get to focus on running your business knowing we’ll be focused on growing it.

Meet Lithium Marketing

Your SEO and Digital Marketing Company

Lithium Marketing is a digital marketing agency that does things different. In the world of SEO, PPC management, and web design, it is common for business owners to find that marketing companies have set things up more for their own benefit than anything else. Oftentimes consumers get stuck paying for marketing plans that simply aren’t working. But at Lithium, we don’t win unless you win. Our priority is planning and executing your digital marketing strategy with wisdom, integrity, and excellent service.

Our Mission, Vision and Values: “Different From The Ground Up”

As a marketing agency, we are different from the ground up.
This isn’t just a paycheck to us – it’s the way that we help our neighbors.

Our Mission

We provide our customers with SEO, PPC management, web design, and social media marketing that expands their reach into the world

Our Vision

We want to see more and more business owners in our area experience success in what they do. As their success spreads, so does the benefit that they bring to others

Our Values

We care about helping people through increasing the positive impact of their business in the world around them

A website is the cornerstone of every marketing strategy. Social media, review sites, search engines, PPC ads – all lead back to your pages. Having a professional and effective web presence is one of the most strategic marketing moves any business can make.

We do things different than many of the other SEO agencies out there, from values which put our clients first to methods which are built on tested principles – never tricks – to deliver excellent and lasting results for all the people that come our way. Our mission is to help you help the world around you through the awesome stuff you do. We do this by building a web presence that search engines like Google and Bing want to display to your customers.

Advertising specifically to motivated buyers can do amazing things for your conversion rates. PPC is a popular, established advertising method because it works, and works well. If you’re tired of seeing sluggish sales numbers and disappointing campaigns, give pay-per-click a try and get the results you’re looking for. Lithium Marketing strategically manages your PPC campaigns for you, using all the tools of the trade along with proven experience to maximize your return.

Many of your potential customers spend a great deal of time on social media where they can interact with material which, thanks to complex algorithms, is targeted to their lives – interests, relationships, and needs. As a business, how do you become a part of this social sphere? And how do you manage your time and energy so that you can still do everything else involved in your work? That’s where Lithium’s social media marketing (SMM) services come into play.

How Lithium SEO & PPC Agency Does Things Different

If our values are real, they’re going to change the way we operate. What differences do our values make in the way that we do digital marketing?


Accountability for Results

When you’re with Lithium, you aren’t locked into a plan that doesn’t work. If at any point we realize we aren’t able to meet your needs, you are able to choose a different way even if that means going to a different agency.

A Digital Marketing Agency that
Delivers Excellent Service

We think about service in two categories: customer service and operational service. Learn how this makes a difference below.

Excellent Customer Service

Excellent Operational Service

Tested and Proven Strategies

The world of online marketing, search engine optimization, pay-per-click, and web design is susceptible to the influence of gurus who have hit it big but don’t necessarily have a method that will work for the average customer in the long run. We test our strategies in theory and in practice, arguing and debating amongst ourselves until we are confident that we have good, evidence-based reasons for doing things the way we do them.

The result of all this: better outcomes for our clients.

If you’re looking for a new digital marketing option, get in touch and see how we really do things different.

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