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Many of your potential customers spend a great deal of time on social media where they can interact with material which, thanks to complex algorithms, is targeted to their lives – interests, relationships, and needs. As a business, how do you become a part of this social sphere? And how do you manage your time and energy so that you can still do everything else involved in your work? That’s where Lithium’s social media marketing (SMM) services come into play.

Place of Social Media Marketing in a Digital Marketing Strategy

Some smaller companies act as though social media marketing can bear the burden of all their marketing needs. In some cases, this may work, but most of the time it will limit success. The cornerstone of a digital marketing strategy is a well-designed website that has been through at least the initial processes of search engine optimization. Social media and other forms of pay-per-click advertising can point to this resource or supplement it in other ways. But in most cases, a website should be preferred over a social presence. After all, if people learn of your name on Facebook, Instagram, Pinterest, YouTube, or Twitter, you want them to be able to find you quickly when they need you by typing your business name into a search engine – rather than having to “stalk” you to find your information on a social network.

So if it is not the cornerstone of marketing, how does social media help your business thrive? At Lithium Marketing, we believe that social media marketing can be effectively used to generate new interest in customers who would not see you through simply searching online, and can build recognition of, respect for, and relationship with your company. Social media marketing ensures that when the people you want to help realize they need you, your business is their first stop.

Social Media Marketing Services Offered by Lithium

The results a business gets out of social media marketing depend on what methods are employed. Social media marketing is a broad term which can mean one of two things that are significantly different from one another. Any potential client needs to understand these differences so that a wise strategy can be chosen for their business.

Social Media Advertising

Social media advertising is a specific form of pay-per-click advertising displayed on social media networks. One question that comes up at this point is, “Why would I want to do pay-per-click advertising on social media rather than on search engines or other websites?” That’s a great question, especially since it’s a perfect segway into one of the best things about social media advertising.

Social Media Advertising Allows for Specific Targeting of Ads to Maximize Your ROI

The answer: social media advertising can be incredibly precise in terms of the kinds of people your ad is shown to. The data gathered by and willingly given to social networks make this targeting possible on their platforms in a way that other PPC methods can approach, but not equal. Ads on Facebook and Instagram, for instance, enable demographic targeting according to

Location (broad or surprisingly specific)



Relationship status

Education level

Field of study

School(s) attended

Job title




Interests and hobbies

Prior purchases

Device usage

Significant life events (e.g. moving, birthday, wedding, etc)

Income and net worth


Prior connections to your business

As your social media marketing team at Lithium gathers data from your social media advertising campaign and works with you to identify the demographics most likely to respond to your message, you should expect to see your impact expanding more and more, and new contacts from the social world becoming clients.

Social Media Advertising Creates Interest

One of the other significant differences between social media advertising and other forms of pay-per-click marketing is that ads on social media must, in most cases, create interest, rather than tapping into already expressed curiosity. Social media ads interrupt the flow of a user who is scrolling through their feed and, therefore, must be noticeable to achieve the goal of attracting new customers. To achieve this goal, our social media marketing specialists develop multiple versions of an ad and run what are called split tests to narrow down what the most effective presentation is for the message you are trying to send. We don’t leave it down to chance.

The Importance of a Well-Managed Social Media Advertising Campaign

Running an effective social media advertising campaign takes time and expertise. Data needs to be interpreted and acted upon quickly to ensure that the per-click budget is spent on people who are likely to convert rather than on those who aren’t. If you are unsure of your time or skill in managing a full-blown advertising campaign, don’t leave the results to chance. Talk to us today.

Social Media Advertising Management from Lithium Marketing

When we manage a social media ad campaign, there are three basic steps:

  1. We use data made available by the targeted social network to identify attributes and/or establish geofencing for an ideal customer base. In this way, we ensure that our client’s ads are shown to people more likely to engage.
  2. We create an ad in conjunction with our clients, which will grab the attention of social media users. This ad can be image or video-based. Choosing images well is vital for interrupting a user’s flow and drawing them in! We also develop advertising copy to work with the images and draw attention. Working with our customers, we come up with several different drafts of an ad and start running them all, sending users to pages designed to funnel them to points where they can decide to purchase products or services.
  3. Daily over the course of the campaign, we examine the data gathered by the social network. How are the different versions of the ad being responded to? How can we focus our efforts to maximize return on investment? Our goal is always to increase the benefit our clients receive from their campaigns – when they win, so do we.


If you’re ready to try Facebook ad management or Instagram ad management,
or you have a question about another social media network, let us know.

Social Media Relationship Building

This is the second form of social media marketing – and it is worlds different from social media advertising. Relationship building, or brand building, involves regular posting and engagement with people who are somehow connected to you on your social media networks.

Like most relationships, the value of social media connections is hard to measure. This is why social media relationship building is not intended for lead generation, and it is impossible to generate a meaningful measurement of ROI. Relationship building is for developing positive customer relationships.

The goal with social media management is to stay on the mind of your audience so that the following might happen. The scene takes place in late spring, where two homeowners happen to meet each other at a local restaurant.


Hey Beryl, how’re you? What’s new?


Oh hi! I’m doing well. Just been thinking about how it’s almost summer, and I need to get my house painted this year.


You know, I just saw a post from this company Mt Hood Pro Painting on Instagram. They painted this awesome house right on Lake Oswego – it looks great.




Yeah, I know a couple of people who’ve used them, too. Maybe you should look them up.


I will. I’ve haven’t wanted to make a decision because I don’t know who I can trust, but those guys sound like they could work out. Thanks!

Social Media Marketing Services from Lithium Marketing

When you have Lithium manage your business’ social media, this is what you’ll get:

  • Professional and accurate posts that display personality, so people know your posts are being written by a person
  • Postings scheduled at times which work with social media algorithms and user behavior to increase visibility
  • Content for weekly posts designed in collaboration with you to be relevant and encourage likes, comments, clicks, and shares from your followers
  • Data tracking for continual improvement of engagement stats

By taking care of these tasks for our clients, we save them hours of time each week and ensure that their social media engagement is regular and relevant.

Currently, we offer social media management services for Facebook posting, Instagram posting, YouTube channel uploads, Pinterest board management, and Twitter posting. If you have any questions or would like to learn more about how we can help you, click or tap below.


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    Social Media Marketing Frequently Asked Questions

    (SMM FAQ)

    What makes Lithium Marketing different as a social media marketing agency?

    As a marketing agency, we are different from the ground up. This isn’t just a paycheck to us – it’s the way that we help our neighbors. Visit our home page to learn more.

    Where does Lithium do social media marketing?

    Though we are a local Pacific Northwest owned and operated business, we are willing and able to work with anyone, anywhere. That’s the beauty of technology. Wherever you’re at, get in touch to see how we can help.

    What is done in social media marketing?

    Social media marketing management at Lithium Marketing is broken up into two categories: social media advertising and social media relationship building. Social media advertising involves the planning and execution of pay-per-click campaigns done in the context of a social network. Social media relationship building involves the management of business accounts and regular engagement with their audience.

    How effective is social media marketing?

    Social media pay-per-click advertising can be incredibly effective, depending on the industry, and is easy to track and improve for greater ROI. Social media marketing beyond that scope is difficult to measure in terms of concrete results, but can produce excellent results in the long run.

    If I hire Lithium to manage my social media accounts, can I still post on them?

    Yes, we would encourage that. We only post for our clients once per week, so there is plenty of room for more, particularly if there is a more personal story, offer, or insight that you want to share with your followers.

    Do I still need to respond to comments or direct messages?

    Yes, that is something that we leave up to you, so we make sure that we don’t misrepresent you to your followers. Actually, responding to comments and messages plays a huge part in making social media marketing successful. Even if we are managing your accounts, we encourage you to play an active role in your social media activity.

    Which social media is best for advertising?

    We focus on Facebook and Instagram, as these two platforms currently seem to produce the best return on our client’s advertising investment.

    What is social media management?

    Social media management with Lithium generally involves engaging with your followers through planning and making regular posts on your behalf. Beyond that, we manage social media ad campaigns for clients seeking a more aggressive approach.

    How do I start social media marketing?

    The easiest way to start is to get in touch with your marketing team at Lithium so we can outline your goals and discuss what options will be best for your business.

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