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Solid web design is the foundation of every other digital marketing strategy, signaling to potential customers that you are trustworthy and able to help.

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People find businesses – especially local Chandler businesses – online first. You know that to do well in the broader marketplace, your business needs a web presence. Not just any website, but a good website. Your website wears a lot of different hats, after all. Depending on your field, it can be a…

  • Business card
  • First line of contact
  • Store front
  • Proving ground
  • Display window

A website delivers the greatest results and return on investment when it is done by people who know how to make it the effective online representation it should be. Our team of web designers will work together with you to deliver the site your business or organization needs.

The Role of a Great Website in Modern Marketing

No business can afford to not have a website. To solve this problem, many business owners pay a fee to use an app (e.g. Wix, Squarespace, Google Web Designer) to make a website through which they can make their pages at least look like what they want. But there are limitations to such services that mean real sites rarely live up to expectations. Making a website is more difficult than it looks. Often, sites made by amateurs have problems with

  • Lack of functionality
  • Load time
  • Mobile responsiveness
  • Confusing navigation
  • Spam bots
  • Low rate of turning website users into customers (conversion)

A website is the cornerstone of every other marketing strategy and medium. Social media, review sites, search engines, PPC ads – all lead back to your home page. Having a professional and effective web presence is one of the most strategic marketing moves any business can make.

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Features of a Chandler Website Designed by Lithium

We can discuss the idea of a “great” website and assume you know what we are talking about, but that wouldn’t be very helpful. As a marketing company that does Chandler web design, we are committed to producing websites that are exceptional in the following areas.

Responsive Web Design

A responsive website is one which adapts to differing screen sizes and still looks good (not to mention functions) in the process. You can tell an unresponsive site when it looks really small on your mobile device, though on a desktop it appears great (or vice-versa)! A responsive site will change size and layout for different screens or even differing orientations of the same screen in order to provide a great user experience.

The number of people who use the internet on a mobile device (phone or tablet) rather than a desktop is already at about 50% – and it’s projected to go higher. Being responsive is great, but being developed mobile-first is better. We keep in mind your end-user and design your pages for them.

Engaging User Experience (UX)

The user experience is what many DIY web designers go for above all else, because the available development tools allow for nearly endless tweaking with individual components and their properties. It’s easy to get stuck in this phase, which is why so our web designers have the tools and experience needed to make something that looks great – and that much more quickly than an amateur. But aesthetics are only part of the deal.

User experience (UX) is about what you see when you first load the page. It’s about the movement of content across the screen. It’s about the display of information integrating with the way people read and what they’re expecting to see. It’s about the images and videos that communicate your message and tone. It’s about your user’s ability to know what you want them to do with what they see in front of them.

Some of our clients are initially reluctant to give up control over their site because they are concerned that they won’t like what they see. And sometimes they don’t, at least not initially. But we collaborate and communicate with each of our clients to come up with a site that pleases everyone and gets results. In fact, one thing that makes us unique among Chandler, AZ web designers is our ability to show prospective clients what their site might look like before they commit to doing business with us. There’s no obligations to seeing how Lithium Marketing can help your web presence.

Strategic Site Navigation

What pages should be included on a modern website? How should they be arranged to allow users to access them easily from wherever they are? How to I funnel people to the information that I most want them to see?

Together with our SEO specialists, our team creates pages that will be most advantageous to your company and organizes them in a logical, natural, and strategic way.

Flawless Performance

What trips up many business owners who try to make their own site is a lack of knowledge concerning what’s doing on behind the scenes. Questions such as

  • How do I get my pictures to load fast enough?
  • Are there coding errors on my site?
  • What’s getting in the way of putting a particular element in a particular spot?
  • How do you change certain portions of the page?
  • Why is my site taking so long to connect?
  • How do I ensure that I have a good web hosting service?
  • How do I protect myself from spam and hackers?

commonly come up, and deserve to be answered. A professional Chandler web designer can make sure your site doesn’t suffer from below-par performance – that’s what you get with Lithium Marketing.

Conversion Rate Optimization (CRO)

Turning visitors to your site into customers (conversion) is one of Lithium’s highlights as an internet marketing company. As this page is being written, we are working with a plumbing company in Vancouver, Washington. Through their solid investment in SEO, web design, and pay-per-click marketing, we have been able to achieve conversion rates of up to 36%. This means that 1 out of every 3 visitors ends up contacting them for services. Which is pretty incredible.

While conversion rates will vary significantly across industries and locations – it’s impossible to say what “typical” results are – we take pride in developing landing pages that convert at the highest rates possible.

To learn more

Lithium’s Chandler Web Design Services

From the initial plan to the moment your site goes live to 5 years down the road, our team of Chandler web design experts is here for you and your company. Our services include

  • Mockup creation and evaluation
  • Site audits
  • Web domain selection, purchasing, and setup
  • Web hosting setup
  • Designing or re-designing a WordPress.org-based web page
  • Managing and regularly updating software
  • Ensuring site security and continuous functionality

You don’t have to worry about anything as your site brings new leads your way. Contact us for prices and details.


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    Chandler Web Design FAQ

    If I hire Lithium to design my webpage, will I also need to pay for SEO, PPC management, or social media marketing?
    Not at all, though we would recommend at least having us help with the initial setup of SEO to give you a better chance of reaching your customers with your new site. A new site doesn’t make much difference if no one can find it.
    Where does Lithium Marketing do business?
    Though we are a local Portland, Oregon business, we work with anyone, anywhere, including Chandler, Arizona. That’s the beauty of technology. Get in touch no matter where you are.
    How long does it take to create a website?
    We try to have all our sites ready to go in 1-2 months’ time, though actual timing will vary depending on the services we are providing and the needs of our clients.
    When people search for important terms related to my site, they can't find me. Will a better web design help?
    While certain technical issues can limit the visibility of your site, this is more the arena of search engine optimization than web design. Visit our SEO page to learn more.
    How much does it cost for web designers in Chandler, AZ?
    A new custom WordPress-based site will vary depending on size and complexity. Contact us for details.
    Can I edit my site myself after it's been created?
    We create our websites on the content management system (CMS) WordPress.org. Approximately 35% of all sites available on the internet today are made using this powerful platform which allows users the ability to create new pages and blog posts without the need of a web developer to make the changes, if they so desire. That said, we recommend at least speaking to your marketing team at Lithium before you do anything that might disrupt the power of your site.
    Do I already need to have a web address or URL purchased before I come to you?
    Not at all. While having a pre-existing URL can deliver quicker results in terms of SEO, choosing a URL for a website involves some strategy ideally. If you don’t have a URL yet, we can choose one that will work for your business and the customer demographics you are going after.

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